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I love to travel, try new foods, new wines, and take photos! And I love to write about traveling–those experiences that change us all for the better. My travel and foodie articles show up in a wide variety of publications. I hope you enjoy this compilation! Come along with me as I visit remarkable places and give them the exposure they deserve, with southern style!
Links to my travel, food, and wine articles will appear here, with the most recent articles at the top of the list. That saves me from having to pick which is my favorite and garners the top spot! They are all my “favorite” it just depends on where I am at the moment. The links will take you to the actual published article (so you will be following a link to an outside page.)
If you’d like me to write an article for you, just let me know!

Skydiving At 69: Fulfilling a Bucket List Dream

by Darrel Mellies
Photography by Jo Clark

A few days before turning 69, I looked at an online discount site and noticed a coupon for a tandem-skydive. Wanting to do this for close to 40 years, the thought of checking off an item on my bucket-list excited me. I immediately purchased the coupon and prepared to go skydiving. Weeks later, we made the early morning drive to a small airport west of Georgetown, and my adventure began. Although Jo was not thrilled about me jumping, she agreed to take photos and document my bucket list adventure.


Kanab Utah – Luxury Lodging in the Desert

by Jo Clark
Photography by Jo Clark and Darrel Mellies

In Kanab, Utah, we found luxury lodging in the desert. We weren’t camping we were glamping. Glamorous + camping = Glamping.
Watching the stars come alive in the magnificent southern Utah sky was so much better than television. Imagine, taking pictures of the Milky Way. That is what we did for about an hour. With no light pollution, star photography looked darn good for my first attempt. I was sleeping in a tent Darrel never thought it would happen.


A day in White Pocket with Dreamland safari tours

by Jo Clark
Photography by Jo Clark and Darrel Mellies

A Utah Arizona border tour was a must. When I started looking for tours of the amazing natural beauty surrounding Page, Arizona, fate took my search engine to Kanab, Utah. Okay, maybe it was Google, but somehow, I found Dreamland Safari Tours and their impressive list of off-the-beaten-path places to see. Their itineraries include everything from a few hours to several days in the backcountry (camping included)—just leave the driving to them.


Lake City South Carolina Walking Tour…’s only an hour away

Admittedly, fun in Myrtle Beach’s summer sun is the perfect vacation, but sometimes you need a break from the sun, sand, and surf. A little more than an hour away you can tour the artsy town of Lake City South Carolina.

(Read more...)

Waccamaw Indian Pauwau

by Jo Clark

Visiting the Grand Strand in November is always a good plan. The weather is pleasant, with average daytime temperatures a balmy 70-75 degrees, and only a minimal number of tourists. However, one of the best reasons to visit in the fall is that for twenty-six years, the Waccamaw Indian People have held their annual Pauwau in November, inviting numerous other regional tribes to participate. Read More

John Abrams prepares for a competition dance

Buffalo and More in Virginia

by Jo Clark

When you eat at Buffalo and More, you know the food will be fresh. Photographs of the buffalo herd that supplies this restaurant’s meat surround you. You can even watch as Chef Connie & Chef Carla prepare the dishes! Their casual style of cooking, using fresh ingredients, will make you think you are...Read More

Buffalo Pot Roast, Cowboy Beans, and hot Cornbread!

Have Your 'Shine at Copperhead Mountain Distillery

by Jo Clark

This publication changed hands, and my only link is to a pdf of the article:

Copperhead Distillery

A still on Main Street - Who'd Have Guessed!

victoria valley vineyard cafE, greenville, south carolina

by Jo Clark

A short drive up the mountain from Greenville, South Carolina, will find you on the side of a mountain in rural Cleveland. However, when you round the curve and spot a Chateau on the side of a mountain you may think you have been magically transported to France. You will soon be happily … Read More

Brulee' Cheesecake

Bull Island, Jewel of Our Coast

by Jo Clark

Bull Island

Awendaw, South Carolina

My very first published article – over 20 years ago! This publication has closed, and my only link is to a pdf of the article: Bull Island, Jewel of Our Coast

Knobbed Whelk Shell